UGH, I have nothing to wear!!!!


Sound familiar?


If you...


... are tired of feeling ill-at-ease in your clothes


... can't even with how long it takes to find an outfit that feels awesome


... and are ready to live a life where your clothing doesn't hold you back...


There is hope!

👋🏼 Hiya! I'm Emily Stamets.


help grown up theatre kids use their theatrical mojo to design lives they love.


The journey to taking center stage in your life begins with dressing for your dream role-- in every role you play. 

 Just imagine...


.. feeling like your most favorite Self in your clothes, every single day


... never again crying frustrated tears as you dig through your closet for something - anything! -  to wear


... confidently owning the story your clothes are telling the world


... having a clear Vision for what belongs in your closet, and a budget-friendly plan to acquire the perfect pieces to fill out your authentically-you wardrobe


It's possible!


But not if you focus on how you look in your clothes, like most style/wardrobe/closet clearing programs out there.


Because let's be real: an aesthetic approach puts all the power in the eyes of other people! (and who wants to spend all day thinking about apples-pears-bananas and dressing for your age, anyway?!)


Instead, in Wardrobe Revival, we take a theatrical, character-based costume design approach to your ensemble assemblage - way more fun and way more likely to have you walking out the door feeing awesome, every damn day.


Instead of focusing on how you look in your clothes, we focus on how you feel!


How about... empowered, confident, safe, strong, carefree, trustworthy, exuberant...


... after the theatrical Wardrobe Revival process, you'll be able to stand in front of your closet, grab anything, and cultivate the exact-right character foundation each day! 


Here's the process in a nutshell:

  • identify the roles you play in your life, and describe the qualities of each role
  • clear out any pieces in your wardrobe that don't radiate with those amazing qualities
  • organize what's left so it feels good to get dressed every day
  • make a plan to acquire the pieces you still need

I'll guide you through each step, with simple strategies to help you take back control of your closet in 4 weeks or less (with no color swatches, dressing-for-your-size guides, or wardrobe capsules!)

It's time to take back control of your closet.


Join the 

Wardrobe Revival


and get everything you need to unclutterredesign, and rock your wardrobe, every single day.


When you join today, you get...

  • Instant access to your first design assignment, so you can dive in right away
  • 4 video coaching & design sessions to guide you through the Wardrobe Revival process
  • 5 design assignments to keep you diving, delving, and digging

AND... my special gift to you

you'll also get these amazing BONUS MASTERCLASSES!


founder, Etch Image

Rocking your Eccentric Style

Let's face it. We all have pieces in our closets that we fell in love with, but have zero idea how to wear.


The funky necklaces, floral kimonos, bright patterned skirts, and vintage finds that inspire you, but don't always inspire entire outfits.


In this Masterclass you will learn how to confidently wear even your most eclectic pieces and create looks that showcase your personal taste. So dust off those moon boots, platform shoes, or concert tees; it's time to rock your eccentric style! 

From Vision to Actualization

So, you know how you want to present yourself... now what?


We don't all have $12,000 to drop on our dream wardrobes!


In this Masterclass, you'll learn how to take your sky-high vision and turn it into reality with real-life budgeting, prioritization and creative problem-solving strategies.

And, because I know we all need different support, there are

3 awesome ways to join:

Revive Me!


Everything you need for your Wardrobe Revival, including:

  • the exclusive Wardrobe Revival process
  • 5 design assignments
  • 4 coaching & design sessions




Rocking your Eccentric Style with Alycia Anderson


From Vision to Actualization with E.B Brooks

Coach Me!


Dive into your biggest sticky points

and get personalized strategies

with 2 hours of private coaching


Your Wardrobe Revival


2 BONUS Masterclasses

Imagine standing in front of your closet and knowing you can wear anything in it and feel amazing.


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