Transitions are hard.


(that's why the best directors choreograph them, right?)


...finding time to start the new

while finishing the old...

...navigating relationships as you uplevel...

...discovering what you actually want...


If you feel unsure, resistant, and overwhelmed, as you take your next big step, you're not alone!

3 Paths to Center Stage

Free live trainings and community support.

Take center stage.

Whether you're working through

a creative project...

a career change...

or increasing your leadership impact...


there is a custom coaching package that's perfect for your plotline.

Design a life you love

in a room with other creative women+ at one of Emily's workshops or retreats!


You should be the star of your own life.


It's time to cast yourself as the lead

in a life you love!

👋🏼 Hiya! I'm Emily Stamets.


A Harvard-trained leader and coach, I work with the humans who have the greatest potential to impact the world: creative women+.


After directing middle and high school theatre programs for 11 years, and fitness coaching for 4, I set out to help people just like you take center stage in lives they love by applying the wisdom of theatre arts to our lives.


Why? Because when you do more of what you're meant to do, everyone wins. 


I can't wait to hear your story, and start designing with you!

Let's connect!