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Emotional Peaks and Valleys: Crafting a Rollercoaster of a Narrative 

Want a spellbound audience? The plot is just the beginning! 

In this workshop, discover the simplest strategy for stories that make your audience want more. 

You'll learn to tweak your word choice and delivery of emotional moments. Whether you tell personal stories, traditional myths, or original fantasy, this workshop is for you.

This workshop builds essential skills for storytellers, speakers, and writers.

45-90 minutes. 8-60 participants. Rates start at $250. 

Story Theatre: Ensemble Storytelling

Have you ever seen a seven-person dragon? The ancient art of storytelling uses everything you’ve got – brain, body, and voice - to create an electric connection with the audience. In this workshop, we will take what is traditionally a solo art and supercharge it with collaboration! Working in small teams, storytellers will devise, rehearse, and perform a short fantasy story as an ensemble. This workshop will engage your collaboration skills, your body and space awareness (proprioception), and your funny bone.


This workshop builds essential skills for teams, speakers, performers, and story-crafters of all stripes. 

1-4 hours. 12-60 participants, ages 12+. Rates start at $250. 

Feeding In: A Rehearsal Technique for ELL & Inclusion

What would be possible if your actors never had a script in their hands? Using “feeding in,” a simple strategy developed for Shakespeare performance, your performers can be making eye contact, manipulating props & puppets, and making large movement choices free of their script from the first day of rehearsal.

Bonus: they’ll also learn their lines faster! 

Developed by Shakespeare & Company in Massachusetts, this technique is especially powerful for ELL students, and students for whom translating written words into speech & action is especially difficult: those with reading difficulties, language processing differences, and some forms of neurodivergence. 

In this workshop, participants will be on their feet, using the feeding in strategy to rehearse short scenes & monologues. Time will be allowed to discuss and try out applications of the feeding in technique to solve individual challenges faced by participants.

This workshop builds essential skills for English, ELL, Theatre, Speech, and Social Studies teachers. 

30-60 minutes. 8-40 participants. $400 per session.